mixing the ingredients.

the last 24 hours have been intense to say the least.
the main thing i’m learning about my cycle is that it is fairly predictable, BUT it the LH surge comes on quick and then BOOM it’s done.

my kiddo has been sick all week.
i feel awful for the guy. and timing sucks as it’s disrupted my sleep patterns (aka my temp taking), it’s my last full week of my current job and i’ve only worked half a day this week and it’s Thursday now, and it’s riiiight over my ovulation so the added stress… oh boy. he’s finally perked up and seems to be back to normal today – thank goodness!

in a way… it was somewhat of a strike of luck and if this works, i’m going to owe Mr. Beans a thank you! he went to school yesterday, but got sick. i took him home and i had this urge to take an opk. i am pretty stern about when i take these tests, mostly because i really really want to try and stop myself from obsessing (it’s not really working). i knew, based on the ovacue and i was getting ‘high’ readings on the opk, that today was supposed to be my peak day. but something told me to test. my morning test said ‘high’, i took another at 2:30p yesterday and was shocked to find it was reading ‘peak’. i took a deep breath and planned for this morning. a bit more than 12ish hours after that reading. i was so excited that it was looking like a very predictable cycle. CD14 would be the day as predicted and oh so normal.


until i did my ovacue reading at the usual 6p and it changed my chart to reading ovulation was predicted that day! so… as i kind of predicted, but hoped wouldn’t be correct, my peak is like very few hours before the ovulation happens. so the rush was on. and CD13 became the day (well the evening and CD14 in the wee hours of the morning).

my lovely wife, so stoic and excited and ready… she was un-phased. she says “alright! lets bust this open and get going!” so we busted it open. she warmed the little vial while i got everything else ready.


the process itself was very… quick and simple and a little awkward and a little sweet and definitely a little funny.

i’ll give a tmi warning here, but i want this blog to have the details i wish i could find more of. so i’m going to break down what we did.

my wife pulled the vial out and let it sit on the dresser for probably 10 minutes – you just wait until the frost is off. then she held onto it for 10 minutes in her hand to get it body temperature. meanwhile, i got the soft cup ready and put a little preseed in myself and around the soft cup. once the vial was thawed we just carefully poured it into the soft cup. my wife stepped out of the bathroom and i inserted the soft cup.
from what i understood, using the soft cup means the hips in the air isn’t necessary, but we did it anyway. i laid with my hips up and she laid with me and we giggled about the awkwardness and stared at each other wondering, only half out loud, about the big “what if…” what if this works…
we agreed to remain as realistic and levelheaded as possible. i don’t plan to test until my period is due… that being said, i keep thinking of the off chance that i could get a result early enough to test on valentines day & how sweet that valentines gift would be if it were positive… so you can see, i get ahead of myself easily… despite repeatedly telling myself not too. yikes…

anyway… one vial went in last night at 6:30p and the other went in this morning at 6:30a. as i type, the second cup is in and i’m just trying to vibe myself into a happy, positive place.

so here we are, ingredients mixing… let the two week wait begin… wish me luck (and extra luck to my wife who’s going to have to deal with the brunt of my anxiety).



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