the first 2ww.

CD17. 4dpo.

so as you know, my ovacue surprised me with an ovulating reading on CD13 so we had to hurry and insem. and of course, i’ve been feeling really anxious about the timing. i expected to ovulated somewhere around CD13/14 – but more so CD14. so it wasn’t a total shock. but then i took my vaginal reading on CD14 after removing my soft cup and my number went down – which is the opposite of what you want- and the monitor freaked because of course it was higher the next day… but the monitor decided that meant that maybe i hadn’t ovulated when they thought and gave me a second ovulation day of CD15. i panicked… duh.

i went on their forum and started asking 100 questions, wondering why this was happening and if that bad reading on CD14 really screwed me or what. and she gave the textbook answer that yes it could be because i took a reading after just taking out my soft cup, and yes it could be that my body geared up to ovulated but didn’t, and i just need to give it time and see what my ‘normal’ is… i was really irritated. but then she ended it with, “but you know your body best, when do YOU feel like you ovulated?”

that’s it! she’s right. i feel, based on a number of things, that i ovulated overnight between CD13 &14.

this morning fertility friend FINALLY (ok on time, but we all know how impatient this process makes us) gave me my cross hairs on… CD13 =) so it was pretty right  on schedule. so this means we insemed the day of ovulation and the morning after – according to FF anyway. the app gave me a ‘good’ on the timing… not an excellent. but for some reason i feel good about it anyway. i know the egg lives 24 hours, i know my frozen(then thawed) friends have about the same life expectancy sense they had that frozen part of their life. if feel like it was sort of a ready-set-go release of both at nearly the same time, with back up the next day… a race to meet each other.

how’s all this for positive thinking? hehe

FullSizeRender(1)my current chart.

as far as symptoms…
i’m soo trying not to over analyze. because it makes us hyper aware of ourselves so its pretty hard to leave the little stones unturned. i am well aware everything i’m feeling is very likely my mind playing tricks on me. but for records sake, from CD13-15 i felt pretty crampy, little pulls. the first two days it was mostly one side, the 3rd day my whole uterus hurt. i’ve had moments of cramps now and then since, but nothing real notable. i had a bit of a stomach ache yesterday, but it seems to have passed. a bit of a back ache & two nights of baby dreams (which is easily explained by the baby fever/craze that has completely taken over my brain). today & yesterday i had a few aversions to smells, but i think that had to do with my stomach hurting, the two are typical pals for me.

so anyway, sitting here at 4dpo, just trying to act normal and keep my mind busy. it’s barely working… but this first 2 week wait doesn’t feel AS BAD as i had expected… of course, there is like 10 more days to go so ask me how i’m doing in about 2 days when i’m off work for the rest of the week just hanging at home… yikes.

think sticky baby dust thoughts for me!


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