speechless gratitude.

Let me start by saying, I am so burnt out I can hardly see straight… I’ll keep this short, as I’m having trouble even spelling correctly at this point.

It’s been a crazy few days, between still trying to recover from house guests, lack of sleep, a much too lengthy photoshoot, getting a new cat use to the house (and the original cat use to not being an only cat), and trying to process all this known donor jazz… my brain is mush.

My wife met with our friend on Monday and it went very well. We have a contract drafted up and as soon as he gets the STD test done… we’ll get that signed & proceed.

We have a donor. And wonderful guy who has no idea how truly immense this deed is. I’m in shock and awe and really… I can’t find the right words. Grateful to him barely skims the surface of what I feel… I’m overwhelmed and I desperately want to find the right words to say to him…

We will have to skip this cycle as I’m due to ovulate in the next 7-8 days & it’s unlikely he’ll be able to get an appointment and get his results back in time. I’m bummed, but I would’ve been due basically on Christmas if it were to work this time and I would rather not have that. However, if by some stroke of luck everything gets done and we can give it a try this month, we will.

It’s funny, for some reason now the idea that I could get pregnant feels really real. I guess I had even less faith in the frozen stuff then I was letting myself believe… whatever it is, this just feels right and it feels like it’s going to work. My gut feelings are all positive and my worry is minimal. Wife is excited & I’m eager to see this play out. I feel so good about this angle and just absolutely amazed that we have such a wonderful person in our lives.

Any advice on how to properly thank somebody who probably doesn’t even understand to the fully capacity what an unbelievable gift he’s giving??



One thought on “speechless gratitude.

  1. Hi, I just found you through the great web of blogs, you’re where my wife and I were almost two years ago, in terms of donor/ttc. Finding the right donor, and a known donor to make it possible to use fresh sperm, phwew! I know that feeling! Elation doesn’t begin to describe it! If you’re anything like I am, your gratitude will only grow, and the right words will come. Good luck!


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