ready to rumble.

new cycle (CD3 to be exact). new plan in motion.
as of right now, we’re just waiting on test results, which should be here in the next few days. my projected O date is May 2nd, so we should have things set with a little time to spare.

I was actually a couple days late this month, which worked in our favor. I was annoyed at first, but then I realized it gave us a little breathing room to make sure all the ducks were in a row in time to start trying again this cycle. hopefully i’ll be back on my normal, clockwork-like, schedule and we won’t see any hiccups.

so the plan is to start back at it this cycle, as I said. i’m trying not to get too excited, just in case something doesn’t pan out… but I am still feeling very positive about the whole thing. the timing of everything is nice… if it works it’ll be a nice belated bday gift, the recommended “announcement” time would fall right at our first wedding anniversary, and the due date would fall right at our ‘dating’ anniversary… I really like the sounds of it! but again… I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.

i’m surprised how good I feel about it, how positive I continue to be. I supposed we’ll see how I hold up when I enter that lovely land of the TWW again… yikes! i’m trying to build myself up and remember that my body is capable of this and that mentally it’s far better for us all if I stay away from testing. I do plan to track symptoms a little, only because I want to compare to the month we tried and then have something to reason with when I want to get ahead of myself. but I think I might well ask the wife to lock up the tests until the day AF is due… my self control proved to be null last time!!

I have now gotten back on track with temping, vitamin intake, using my ovacue, and cutting out alcohol and all that fun stuff. I hate turning down a glass of wine at dinner or a cold beer on a Friday night… but i’m feeling so sure it’s going to be worth it this time.

well, i’m sure i’ll update again as soon as we hear about the test results. until then, i’m cautiously optimistic and excited!



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