sometimes it’s blinks, sometimes it don’t. (aka Cycle 2, Insem 4)

After walking up to my SEVENTH straight day of that damn blinking high fertility face (I’ve never had more than 2 before it going solid/peak)… I was feeling absolutely defeated. I had a slight rise in my temp, nothing exciting, but a rise none the less. I spent much of the morning feeling like crap that this round started out so beautifully and then just went to crap. I was scrolling thru my old charts on fertility friend trying to find some clues. I have never had this many high readings, but I was hoping for some other pattern that might tell me if eventually see that solid peak. I noticed an almost identical rise, fall, fall, rise, rise of temps on the cycle we last tried to conceive that happened just before getting a high in the morning and a peak around 2p.

So I tested at 2p.

And nearly cried when I saw it finally give me a solid smiling peak reading! CD15 and it finally showed (CD13 would be the latest I’ve O’d). The wife put in a request to donor-friend & a last minute donation happened!

Assuming there are no more hooks thrown into this cycle, today will get marked as ovulation (my peak surges are super short) and we will have donations done on O-5, O-4, O-3, and O. Hoping the “lives up to 5 days” will apply to some extent and at least 2-3 of our donations will count for something.

It’s gonna be a long TTW…



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