its all downhill from yesterday mornings temp.

I’m in such a foul mood. If I could get away from myself, I’d be running.

Probably has something to do with this: 

No AF yet, one faint brown but of spotting about an hour and a half ago, but nothing went I just went a few minutes ago. I really hate this waiting game. I’m so anxious about next cycle and how we will make it work with donor-friend moving basically when I’m lined up to ovulate. And if it doesn’t work this next cycle… The next cycle I will be ovulating right as the wife leaves for England… So I’ll either have to do the insems alone or skip the month. I realize I’m getting ahead of myself and should just concentrate on this next cycle… Hoping AF doesn’t decide to be much later. If she’s coming, it’d be nice if she’d just show her face so I can attempt to make some kind of plan around donor friends move.

So bloody angry today. Irrational. So so irrational.



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