Three strikes & you’re out.

so as my last post stated, I got my second peak this morning, followed by a negative 7 hrs later (after a 3hr hold)… Considering my last peak was some kinda joke, I tested again to just be sure tonight & this happened:

 Another f***ing peak! And that wondfo (which I rarely see good lines on) seems pretty peaky too… Come on man…
So I’ve now had 3 peaks in about 2.5 days, the first two with empty/negatives to follow. Will we go three for three and wake up to a negative and then perhaps for the love of god just stop getting positives so I can believe my body has done its job!?!

So I ovacue, knowing with very little doubt I’m gonna get my purple day (second confirmed O day):

 See it?
So… I guess I could still be in the midst of my O day… I could see a temp rise… I trust nothing at the moment. So I guess we will just wait it out. I have been feeling pretty crampy & extra bloated today (&tmi, gassy… Which is common with pms for me but not usually when o-ing… Ugh so uncomfortable!).

Oh… And donor friend is swamped in his move, so there won’t be an Insem today. So we are done for the cycle, unless my temp doesn’t rise, then maybe we’ll go for one tmrw if he can do it.

I’m confused and a little bummed… But O-2 & O-1 is still ok timing so we will ride our hope float on that.



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