crab apples.

8/9dpo, approx half way thru the tww.

I’ve been so irritable the past few days. Maybe it’s just because work is extra obnoxious this week as I have to do a job that isn’t mine and I’ve never done before and it’s sooooo tedious that it takes up over half my day… Idk.

The wife and I keep butting heads over nothing. The chick I work closely with at work and overall enjoy has literally made me want to choke someone everyday this week. This morning my 7yr old asked me whyI was so mad today (it was 8a)… I asked what he meant, because I seriously didn’t realise what a grump I was being… His response, “well you yelled at the leaf blower for falling a little… And you just yelled at your bag for falling”. Oh. Oops. I asked the wife if she thinks I’ve been irrational lately and she sort of flinched as she said yes… I think she’s irrational πŸ˜‰

I don’t feel pregnant. I do feel bloated and gassy and crabby and crampy off and on. AF isn’t due for another 7-8 days… So idk what the deal is. Other than a couple comments about my chest size from the wife, I got nothing. Still feeling mostly normal, just a crabbier version of normal.

I don’t remember really what symptoms I had with my son. I did have implantation bleeding & I remember being really tired and peeing a lot (but I found out I had a UTI which actually explained both as I felt so crummy from it).

Anyway, I’m continuing to try and not pay too much attention to “symptoms”… With the exception of the things I can’t ignore πŸ˜‰

Temps seem a bit more irrattic than I’m use too:

Holding out hope… Every time I say “I feel _____” my wife goes “Preggers”, so apparently she’s feelin hopeful too. Although, she always is πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “crab apples.

    • I keep thinking that myself… But then trying to convince myself not to read into it. Temping tricked me last month with that bit of triphasic I had so I’m a skeptic now! Haha


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