cycle 4, insem 1 

What was supposed to be the first of three insems yesterday was a bust. Donor friend fell asleep…. I could’ve blew up the town… I had perfectly set up the days and it was doubling as a trifecta of sweet time with my wife before she leaves the country for a week. Ooooooo I was pissed.

But I’ve been trying to remind myself that shit happens. That his life doesn’t HAVE to revolve around us and I need to keep that in check. he’s doing a really big thing for us and I have to forgive mistakes. He was very apologetic.

My wife is currently picking up what will instead be the first of two donations. I’m bummed, but hopefully my body cooperates and we end up timing this just fine.

I have succeeded in not doing any opks. It feels kind of liberating. My temp finally went down three days ago and is still down today. The ovacue “confirmed” ovulation this evening – which typically means it’ll actually happen tmrw or the next day. I’m hoping for tmrw so we have O-1 & O day covered. But O-2 & O-1 isn’t so bad if it doesn’t happen to happen until Wednesday. 

My aunt, the psychic one, reached out to me the other day and said she has gotten the same message three times in the past week or so and she’s feeling that’s it’s going to happen soon. I’m really trying to take it with a grain of salt (tho she’s been right with the last 3 babies born in our family). But if nothing else, it was a nice hope boost.

So, like all cycles, this one isn’t without dramatics. I’m hopeful tonight and tmrws donations will go well & I’ll enter another tww with far less stress than usual thanks to leaving the opks in the dust.

Come on little G, join our family!



2 thoughts on “cycle 4, insem 1 

  1. The trials and tribulations of using donors. Our first donor didn’t really get what he was getting himself into and ended up flaking one too many times. Falling asleep though… that I can understand, even if it does make you want to scream all. The. Things. Swim true little sperms!

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