it’s a bouncing… bbt! (Aka: the egg who stood me up)

The erratic temps continue. I’ve had erratic temps in the past… But the ups and downs were dramatic and coincided perfectly with my drinking habits at the time. This erratic is just a small window of degrees that’s bouncing between, it’s odd. The dip down again this morning kicked off the crosshairs I had and no mode gives them back. I set it to opk/monitor mode just to have some basis for when to potentially expect my period as it’s painful clear I have not and won’t be ovulating this cycle. I’m gutted.

I am, however, even more glad that I choose against doing opks… Wasting 20+ tests on a cycle like this would’ve really agitated me. I’ll probably follow suit next cycle and just let my ovacue be my guide.

Here’s my bouncy bbt:  
Today is the first of nine days off for both the wife and I. We took a week off work to complete house projects and celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary (which is already a week from today! Wow!!). Hoping all of our projects will distract me in the final stretch of this tww of a completely bust cycle. 




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