A low grade (baby) fever.

14dpo. I tested early, I know I shouldn’t and I swear it off… But im on the 41st day of this torture cycle and I just couldn’t keep holding out.


Surprised? No.

I’ve been running a mystery low grade fever the last two day. Sunday I was feeling so rubbish I randomly burst into tears. I’ve been feeling really worn out since – but I commonly get really drained with a fever. Even with the fever, my morning temps appear to be on the decline:

My coverline is the lowest one I’ve had,   But my temp seems about the average degree away from it at this point in past cycles… Past cycles where I was not pregnant, that is.

I started this cycle with a lot of hope. I got to the first time period I thought I ovulated and had reason to believe we times it right. Things got hairy, but my intuition kicked in and I felt compelled to use an opk long after I should’ve already Od and even tho I swore them off for this cycle – it was the right move because I caught my actually O day & we managed to pull out all the stops and get that donation. Again, I had every reason to be hopeful. I’ve had a few different “symptom” style things pop up that I haven’t experienced before… More hope. My psychic aunt says “you feel pregnant to me” – despite me telling her I’ve tested negative. Maybe that doesn’t mean anything to anyone else, but it was reason to hope. I’ve actually found myself really thinking, even tho this cycle has been a mess… This could be it.

But my temps are falling. I’m testing negative. And my chart looks just like all those other negative charts at this point.

Time to stop hoping and start bracing myself?

I’m such a baby. A real whiner. We haven’t been at this long… I’m just so ready… So excited to start the journey of growing our baby… 

This fever is wearing me out… Both the actual fever I’ve been running & this baby fever that is all consuming.

AF should be here by Friday, then again, I know with the way this cycle has been…. I cant expect it to be on time, even when on time is technically 2 weeks late!



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