Cold Front.

It would appear I’m having another cycle where I just gear up to ovulate multiple times… 

I’m extremely frustrated as really, it’s only my temps that suggest I haven’t yet. I had 7 days of ewcm – it’s been dried up for two days now. I had the high/soft/open cervix – it’s been very tightly closed for 2 days now. Opks continue to drive me mad – cheapies are negative, got a peak on a digi yesterday morning. The ovacue confirmed ovulation 4 days ago (CD14) and my readings there continue to agree with that. 

And yet:

What the hell is this?

We’ve done 5 insems, I can’t ask for more… He’s done so much already. I was feeling SO good about this cycle and for the second month in a row, my temps are stealing all my hope.

What happened to my clear thermal shifts of the past months… On days 13-15… 

It’s over before it really began. 




6 thoughts on “Cold Front.

    • Thanks! I’m hoping… Against all odds… That maybe the temps have to do with this cold/sore throat I’ve had… I think I’ve been sleeping with my mouth open. I know it’s wishful thinking… I just don’t understand how all other signs point to 3 days ago…

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    • I haven’t really. Only last cycle was a disaster, the rest have been great, consistent window & length. Last cycle was a freak show and I’m only CD18 (which is officially outside my normal window) so idk how this will really end up. If I O today then I suppose it’s not that bad. It’s just the gearing up & then not Oing and the gearing up again that drives me mad. I suppose if it keeps happening like this I will have to look into seeing a doc to see what’s up.


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