may the odd be ever in your favour.

I’ve been putting off posting until I saw some kind of confirmation that I ovulated. Last cycle that didn’t happen until CD26… This cycle, I swear it couldn’t have been later than CD18, but FF disagrees:


We did I insems cd9, 11, 13, 14, 15. 

In other words, if it really happened after cd18, I’m SOL… And so angry.

But here’s what I know: all other signs point to sooner (cm, cp, opks), the ovacue points to cd14/15 (17 at the absolute latest), and I know I usually slow rise the first few days after.

If I was slow rising, CD18 was it, but those temps just after are much lower then everything else so the stupid app won’t consider it. 

Wanna know what’s crazy? I feel like it worked. I still feel like this was it (remember how I said that back on CD11 before I even ovulated!). Maybe I’m in denial or getting desperate or something… Because the deck is apparently stacked against me… But those negative “it didn’t work” feelings don’t creep in. When I stop and wonder if I got it, a voice says yes!

Have I completely lost my marbles?



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