days go by

so i went to the doctor two weeks ago tomorrow.

the blood test was negative. duh.

she said if i hadn’t gotten my period within a week to let her know and she’d prescribe provera and we’d just force it to end. a week came and i was still waiting for the witch to fly in. i emailed in and was told she’d return my message shortly. it’s been 5 days since then… so i’ve emailed again. because, yep, i’m still waiting.

CD68. are you kidding me… i officially lost 2 months of trying. i want nothing more than to be able to try in October, as i believe we may take November and December off with the holidays and kind of wanting to avoid and August birthday (my son and a bunch of our family have birthdays then).

anyway… i’m… numb mostly. i can’t believe this is still going. i just want it to end so bad so i can move on. this limbo is killing me.

hopefully i’ll hear back from the doctor soon and we’ll be able to move forward. i’m ready to get back to trying. i’m ready for this baby to happen.



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