pill popping & witch watching.

my doctor finally got back to me yesterday (no big deal, she only waited over a week to respond to a desperate woman, whatever). her orders:

“take another pregnancy test in the morning, if it’s negative, begin the prescription i sent to your pharmacy for progestin. 2 a day for 5 days, cycle should start in about 2 days.”

two things:
1. how many negatives do you insist i see in this never ending cycle from hell?
2. i don’t even care, i knew it would be negative and i’m over the moon to be taking action to end this shithole cycle.

so i got up this morning, took yet another test, watched it go negative, and happily took my first pill. hopeful in 2ish days that witch will finally fly in and we can mooove on.

i had really hoped it wouldn’t come to hormone treatments to get it started, but oh well. i’ll hold out hope that things go back to normal now and that i can avoid any further hormone treatments. if not, at least i know we just need to get through this next cycle and if it goes crazy again – it’s onto clomid. as much as i want to avoid having to take drugs, i’m really grateful that i have a proactive doctor who’s willing to jump right in.

it’s crazy to think we’ve been trying for 8 months already, but only about to embark on our 6th cycle of trying. i feel like we’ve been at this forever… but then i suppose a 70+ day cycle will do that to a person!

onward and upward. if we get this party started and it works… we may just end up with the august baby we hoped to avoid 😉 i don’t even care, i’m just so ready for a whatever-month-baby we can get!



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