Woah, we’re half way there… Woah, livin’ on a prayer!!

7/8dpo today… depending which crosshairs to go by (the first set FF gave on CD17, or the second set on CD18). I’m inclined to believe the first set, because i know i’m prone to that slow rise… but what do i know. anyway, at 7/8dpo i’m just about halfway through the TWW (or two week + 2 day wait, thanks to my wonderful 16 day lp).

i’m feeling… not much. trying to stay real level-headed and distracted. ya know, keeping my mind occupied with the upcoming holidays and all the homemade goodies i have plans to make. Christmas is my FAVORITE!!

as i previously posted, i am reaaallly trying to avoid the symptom spotting. that being said, there are a few nagging things i can’t seem to ignore:
– soooo much cramping for the past several days – both low down, sometimes alternating sides, sometimes traveling to my legs, sometimes becoming an upper stomach ache
– yesterday i felt like a UTI was coming on, frequent trips to the loo and my bladder just felt full/sore all the time… so far today, about the same.
– some odd stinging pain in the nipple region
– i seem a bit emotionally unstable (weepy) which is not my norm, but then yesterday was a really trying day so it could honestly be stress.
– while i feel hungry to an extent, nothing sounds good. i’ve had an impossible time deciding what to eat for dinner because even my most favorite things just sound… blah to me.

everything can be chalked up to something else. i know that. i also went ahead and compared all previous cycle’s “symptoms” and nothing is really new this time:

while my temps remain above the cover line, they seem to be just hovering above it. i do think that FF might be a little off on the placement because of those bouncing temps before O:

but the comparison of my average line (which is more like 97.7 and this one is 97.9), it looks like i’m just barely staying a float…
Click for Options

and then, there is my ovacue chart. my readings (see purple line) are a bloody mess. they “should” stay elevated after O is confirmed (purple box) but…

i’m pretty much choosing to ignore the ovacue. it did a fab job predicting out O for me and i got that purple (confirm) box on cd18 and 3 days later temps confirmed that was it. so it did at least that much for me. beyond that… it’s just a stressor. i’ll keep doing readings, only because if i do end up preggers – i kinda wanna point out to the ovacue people that their system is perhaps flawed.

anyway… so looking at all the data… who knows. i feel confident that i ovulated and i’m SO happy about that. this cycle, if it ends in AF, will be at least 35 days long… which is only a few days off from my normal 30, so i’m not too concerned about that. i wouldn’t say i have any gut feelings this time. i think i’m trying to ignore my so called intuition too… it’s tricked me a couple times now. so best to just wait it out and keep trying to just live life in between the defining cycle days.

all in all, i feel good tho. i don’t feel all consumed or quite as obsessive, so that’s been nice. hopefully, a week from now, i’ll find that the reason for my inner peace is because there is a beautiful happy ending coming to this TTC journey.

much love,


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