4 & a halfish weeks

According to my lmp I’m 5 weeks today. I’m going by the day I ovulated tho, so we shall call it 4wks+4days. I have made to that elusive 18dpo with only a tiny drop of blood a few days ago… So I think our baby bear is still cozy and growing away in there.

I have been absolutely obsessive with testing. I took first response tests all week (digi versions mixed in randomly), as well as a wondfo (ic) daily, and told myself when the wondfos had a really good line (they take forever to darken!) that I’d break out my last clearblue digital. Yesterday I finally went for it and I guess I have no choice but to believe these tests aren’t lying 😉 

So far, not too bad. No major nausea yet. I tend to have a lengthy dizzy spell around noon, but it passes. By late afternoon I am always very bloated – my upper stomach tends to hurt (like I’ve been doing sit ups) and that lasts the remainder of the day. I do find I get worn out a bit easier and I’m very ready for bed by 9p. I can’t stand raw meat – I’ve gagged every time ive tried to handle it. And my sense of smell is bonkers (which is actually the issue with raw meat… The smell). But for the most part I feel good and calm and soooooooooooooo happy.

My wife dotes on me, which is both amusing and enduring. She continues to attempt to dictate my food/beverage choices & is mostly getting her way. Our pregnancy app gave us choices for the size comparison. I was happy we could pick something other than fruit/veggies. We picked desserts! Baby Bear is the size of a sea salt (often found on delicious sea salt caramels!), so we’ve taken to call the little embryo “Sea Salt” – wife doesn’t want to change sizes so we can keep the name going. 🙂

We have decided to keep the news on the DL until 12-14wks, which will be mid-January, with the exception of our parents and best friends. We will probably let close family know at Xmas (about 9wks). I HAD to tell my 2 best friends right away. We’ve been friends since elementary school and one was due for an induction yesterday and the other is about 21wks – so before the one had her baby I just had to tell them we managed to all be pregnant at the same time (even if it was only for a week – her little boy was born yesterday!).

We told my parents yesterday. I was so excited to tell my mom! When I got pregnant with my son I was 18 and it was not planned… Most people took the news a bit hard at first (Mr. Beans is the best thing that’s happened to any of us – so it turned out great, but you get the drift). I was really excited to get a second chance to tell her happy news at a much more stable time in my life. 🙂 We hand painted a few onesies to have them open to tell them the news (my mom is obsessed with frogs). 

 We plan to tell the wife’s parents next weekend – they’ve been at there other home in England for the past month. While it was a bit of a surprise to my mom, she did know we were working on making a baby so it wasn’t a total shock. But the wife’s parents have no idea so it’ll be fun to see a genuine shock! I hope they’re excited 🙂

First doctor appt is 12.14 – it’s just an informational type appointment. The first “real one” will be 1.5.16 at about 11 wks. I can’t wait to hear a beating heart!

Fingers crossed little Sea Salt stays snug in there.



One thought on “4 & a halfish weeks

  1. AmyApplesnail says:

    I love Sea Salt for a nickname!!! I have been thinking about what nickname we will use for our one-day embryo/fetus, and it is really hard to come up with something unique and awesome and appropriate.
    I also love that you are using desserts instead of those confusing veggie comparisons for growth!

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