six weeks today! seems like things are going the way they should. i hate that i have to wait so long to see a doc… but i am feeling less like they need to confirm it and that i can believe it’s true without a blood test. but i’m just eager to hear a heartbeat or see that baby bear is in the right place.

six weeks greeted me with my first full blown day of “morning” sickness. i’ve had little bits of nausea here and there, but today was the real deal. it started to ease a little around 11a, but it’s nearly 4:30p now and it’s not gone by any means. i’ve continued to have a lingering headache for what feels like ages now. it was actually gone this morning, but as the nausea eased a bit, the headache kicked back in. another can’t miss symptom are how very tender my boobs are. dear god. a bra hurts, no bra hurts. they feel massively heavy (and i’m not a small chested lady as it is so this is aggressive stuff), they seem to constantly be radiating heat, and i kid you not – my current bras are creaking from the pressure of trying to hold these gals in. its insane. other than that, just exhausted. no matter what time i go to bed it’s never enough sleep. i seem to be tossing and turning a lot but the insomnia issues i was having don’t seem to be as much of an issue. regardless, without fail, i feel the first bits of sleepiness creep in around noon-1p and by 3-4p it’s full on wiped out. but the time i get home from work… i’m just fighting to stay awake until 9p.

all in all, things seem good. i don’t think it’s truly set in still, tho with the symptoms kicking it up a notch it’s becoming a bit more real. we told the wife’s parents this weekend. i keep expecting the telling people to make the realness kick in – but somehow it doesn’t. i’m enjoying those moments tho & that my sweet wife has cried very happy tears at all 3 of the big announcements. it’ll be fun to see if this keeps up as we get closer to telling the whole family.

we haven’t told my son yet, waiting i think until Christmas. tho, i’m inclined to wait until the appointment at 11wks so we know there is a heartbeat and everything. but it’s been so hard not to tell him as it is, i don’t think we’ll be able to wait.

**i just stepped away from typing this as i was overcome with the need to throw up. first time. never threw up when pregnant with my son, so this is new.

grateful to be here. i keep reminding myself that i fight the fatigue and the nausea. it’s all for something wonderful.




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