You make my heart…beat…faster!

I caved and ordered a doppler. It arrived today. I’m 12 wks 4 days going from lmp. 

I was nervous about getting one, for fear of not being able to find the heartbeat and then panicking… And subsequently obsessing.

It took a bit of poking around, but we found our little nugget! Hiding just slightly on the right side way up at the top of my uterus. Baby Bear must not have loved being pushed at like that because they kept moving a bit away so we’d have to adjust again. But the bottomline is, we found a lovely strong heartbeat (165bpm this time – still so fast!) and I’m so relieved and excited.

It was certainly a bonding moment to have found our baby all on our own 🙂 

First trimester is almost done already! I’m still feeling mostly great. Just sleepy! Some of the boob/nipple soreness has lifted too which is nice because wearing any clothes hurt for awhile there! 

We’re visiting a birthing centre next week and I am SO excited! I’ll fill ya’ll in on that after the tour!



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