26 wks

2 weeks away from the third trimester already… whaaaat?? we’re down to double digits – 98 days – left until D day… how???? i feel like we just hit the 14 wk mark when i finally felt comfortable announcing to the public and now we have just 14 wks left until his arrival (i’m willing this kid not to be overdue)! it’s crazy how fast it’s gone. i’m thinking it’ll start draggin once the 3rd tri hits – mostly because i’ll just be getting huge, the weather (and subsequently me) will be getting very warm, and the anticipation will really start to build. on the other hand, we are always so busy in the summer that it may just fly by with all the distraction.

How far along? 26 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? -8lbs in 1st tri, +5lbs so far in 2nd tri
Maternity clothes? almost entirely. i can still get by with my regular pants w/ a belly band but am starting to stick with stretchy skirts/dresses and leggings.
Stretch marks? i have SO many from the first time around, i can’t tell. i don’t think there are any new ones yet.
Sleep? still awful for the most part. i had two really good nights in a row and felt like a new person! but of course that was followed last night by my calves getting major cramps every time i moved…it’s odd to wake up feeling like i ran a marathon, my legs hurt so bad!
Best moment this week? found a rocking chair for little mister’s room super cheap (used but so comfy!) and my MIL is going to cover the cushions for us so it matches his room better.
Miss Anything? now that it’s super nice out and we’ve been able to sit out on the deck… beer man… beer.
Movement? so much! he’s so strong!
Food cravings? cravings have died down. it’s more that i’m not so interested in food again.. not that it makes me sick, but nothing sounds good.
Anything making you queasy or sick? nope!
Have you started to show yet? i’m currently feeling like i’m more on track and less like i’m huge for where i’m at. however, at the last appt (2 weeks ago) i was measuring 2 weeks ahead so perhaps i am huge… haha
Gender? little mister
Labor Signs? a fair amount of braxton hicks, some that stop me in my tracks.
Belly Button in or out? mostly out already.
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time? mostly happy, sometimes it seems fatigue really gets the best of me and then there is just no reason tears…
Looking forward to? continuing to work on the little projects still on my list for his room (another sheet, changing pad covers, his quilt, the last of the art) and getting the final touches up. i can’t wait for it to be all done so i can take pictures and get them up on the blog, it’s sooooooo adorable – i’m seriously so impressed with how it’s turning out.


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