28 wks, spd, and swollen gums.

the last week of the second trimester is upon us. i cannot believe this time next week, we’ll already officially be in the third trimester! little man continues to grow and be a big mover. he seems to position himself in such a way that drastically changes the size of my belly. yesterday i thought, “oh wow… i don’t look so big…” today i caught a glimpse of myself and thought, “oh my gosh, did he double size overnight?!” the days i look smaller – there is more pain in my ribs, the days i look bigger there is more pain in my pelvis and a constant stretching feeling.

speaking of pain… it seems that while i got really lucky with things like having no morning sickness (except for like a week), i got really unlucky with things like pain. hip pain started at like 8 weeks. i thought it was crazy to be starting that soon but figured my body was just adjusting and would let up… nope. that just got aggressively more painful as time went on. i finally went to my chiropractor at 24 weeks and it made a huge difference! but unfortunately, was immediately replaced by searing pelvic pain – specifically right in my pubic bone. there had always been minor pain there, but i figured it was linked to my hip issues. things like walking for more than… a minute… make it just throb. it feels like a mix between having been punched in the lady parts and also like the that bone is being crushed in a vise grip. it’s truly awful. after 2 weeks of basically just extremely slow walking and crying, my chiro diagnosed SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction). he said it’s likely been there awhile and my hips were really trying to over compensate for it and once he put them back in place the real issue had no choice but to rear it’s ugly head. awesome. the fix? there isn’t one. i’m wearing a support belt about 85% of the time (baby hates it and either gets super quiet and won’t move or spends all day pushing against the brace), it’s helping pull some pressure off. he said walking probably isn’t a good choice of exercise for me…. i’m super bummed seeing as it felt like my only option for exercise seeing as everything else hurt. so i’m looking into some yoga style things i can do that won’t over strain anything but also allows me to do something…

to add insult to injury, about 2 weeks ago my gums started swelling and were very very tender… never had that lovely symptom with the first baby either… so that’s been delightful. right as my appetite starts picking up, my mouth starts throbbing and making eating suck. i switched to a gum defense tooth paste and a softer tooth brush and i keep orajel on hand at all times. it seems to be doing the trick for the most part.

i’d like to have a little less pain… seeing as it’s still THREE MONTHS (exactly from today!! eeek!!) from d-day, but those are the brakes i guess.

How far along? 27 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? -8lbs in 1st tri, +5lbs so far in 2nd tri
Maternity clothes? almost entirely. i can still get by with my regular pants w/ a belly band but am starting to stick with stretchy skirts/dresses and leggings.
Stretch marks? i have SO many from the first time around, i can’t tell. i don’t think there are any new ones yet.
Sleep? terrible. between the spd & my hips – rolling over is a painful joke. the calf cramps continue to rage war.
Best moment this week? not baby related – but Mr. Beans started his second season of soccer this week! i’m so excited to see him back in his jersey and learning the game 🙂
Miss Anything? sleeping…
Movement? so much! he’s so strong!
Food cravings? mostly sweets… Popsicles have been a big hit lately…
Anything making you queasy or sick? nope!
Have you started to show yet? having an “i’m huge” day…
Gender? little mister
Labor Signs? a fair amount of braxton hicks, some that stop me in my tracks.
Belly Button in or out? mostly out
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time? mostly happy. occasionally the pain and/or lack of sleep gets me and i have to have a little cry.
Looking forward to? getting my glucose test out of the way next week. soccer season for my big guy. getting new (to us) deck furniture this weekend.

if anyone has any tips for dealing with SPD or even some sure fire trick that takes the pain/swelling out of my gums (that isn’t salt water rinsing because i gag every time), i’m all ears!!



4 thoughts on “28 wks, spd, and swollen gums.

  1. Sorry to hear about all the pain. Very demoralizing when you think about having to deal with that for 3 more months. ❤ Day by day by day is all you can really do. I hope a little yoga helps!

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    • I’m sure after babe is here, looking back these months will have flown by, for now I’m worried about how much worse it’ll get as I get bigger. Hopefully I can find some movements that strengthen the area if nothing else!


    • i know! i’m so bummed about the walking… i thought if i kept up with walks i’d have a better chance at keeping the weight gain down a bit (they want me on the low end, apparently i’m overweight). my midwife did suggest swimming – tho i can really only float as certain strokes aggravate the ligaments (of course, what doesn’t?!?!) but i don’t have access to a pool consistently anyway so i’m kind of just a sitting (literally) duck at this point.


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