A year and 3 days later…

It’s has been a year and three days since I blogged last.

What in the actual f*** happened! I was so sure and wanted to blog so regularly and keep track of all the milestones…

Massive fail.

But, at any rate, here we are. Our darling, Archer, is just over 13 months old now and the light of all our lives. His big brother absolutely adores him. We are still so smitten that his new-found toddlerisms (i.e. tantrums) don’t even phase us. This kid is quite literally the cutest baby ever… like not just his face but also his ridiculously endearing and perfectly humorous personality. He’s wonderful. 

At 4.5 months: he sat unassisted. We thought that meant we’d have another early mover (big bro walked at 9.5 months). We were wrong. He also ate his first solids and folks, game over… this kid is a massive foodie. He fits right in.

At 9 months: he finally crawled… because he wanted the cat. And he FINALLY slept for more than 2 hrs (which promptly turned into all night – thank heavens). 

At 10 months: he said his first word – it was “a-ball” and only recently has he dropped the “a” and realized just “ball” works too 😜! Shortly after that he said “Ben”  – his big bros name.

At 11 months: he took some steps but really just wanted to crawl.

At 13 months: he’s consistently walking… again, thanks to the cat… I swear. He says: hi, buh-bye, momma, my-myyy (which I’m certain is suppose to be “mummy” which is my wife), ball, book, milk, nice (we say that a lot in reference to the touches we should use with kitty 😬), Isla (his best friend), Ben, batman (his mummy is so pleased with that one!)… and very occasionally “please”. He eats ALL the food. Has eight teeth (all of which he had by 10.5 months) and I think his molars are coming in. He is obsessed with his kitty, books, trucks, and “booping” every animal (stuffed or alive) on their nose. He fake laughs and it’s hysterical. He fake coughs for sympathy and it’s also hysterical. He laughs when he farts and he laughs when other people sneeze. Peek a boo is his all time favorite game. Our cat, Lucy, might be his favorite family member… and it’s so adorable. 

Meanwhile, 3 weeks after our little boy turned ONE, our big boy turned TEN! How’s that for a mindf***?! 

Beans will be starting 5th grade in a week and I cannot believe it. He’s an amazing, smart, kind, creative, crazy guy and it’s so fun to have this age difference. I was worried about it… but he’s such a big help and just loves the small guy. Beans is reading at almost an 11th grade level at 10 yrs old so keeping up with his reading needs/desires has been a challenge but I’m just constantly impressed. He draws his own comics and I swear half the time I’m convinced he’s stealing material because they are so legit… I’ve googled his characters and their stories… my son is a legit comic book writer. It’s insane and beyond impressive. He tells dad-jokes, you know… the super corny ones… it kills me! And he pronounces words as they look – always… if you’ve seen “how I met your mother”, my son is in fact a small Ted Mosby. πŸ˜‚ Beans is also starting his 5th soccer season and my wife has taken on assistant coaching for the first time (finally!) and they are both SO excited!

In a huge turn of events… I actually quit my job at the end of maternity leave and have since been a stay at home mom. I thought, by now, I’d regret it or be going crazy… but I seriously love it so much. I’m exhausted and pushed to my limits daily… but all the time with my boys… be still my heart. I’m insanely busy keeping up with them, working part time from home for a marketing company, and running my photo business… I decided to take on nannying a little one starting in the end of September… so… so many hats, so busy, so… stupidly happy.

With all that… we’ve decided that it’s time. Very shortly, perhaps even in the next few days if I ovulate as predicted, we are going to try for baby #3! I am over the moon and totally nervous πŸ˜†Here goes nothing! I’m hoping to be more “nonchalant” this time… there isn’t a rush, we are ready but I want it to be… less of a “thing”, do you know what I mean?? I REALLY want a sibling closer in age to Archie… and I also want Beans to get as much time as possible with his siblings before college (which is only 8 years away 😭), but I feel like I put so much pressure on the situation last time that my body rebelled. I don’t know what my cycle really looks like right now… I’ve been averaging 32-35 day cycles since about 3 months post partum (which I found impressive seeing as I nursed for a full year and feel like I’ve heard that can mess with cycles), so here’s hoping that means I’m ovulating around the times I was before 🀞🏻!

I’m hoping to become more regular again with blogging… if for no other reason than to make sure I have a paper trail for #3 😜 but at any rate, that’s where our family is at! I’m still reading- every chance I get – all your stories! 

In the meantime… my boys, ya’ll:


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