Baby #3 – insem 1

Yesterday was CD17, my ovulation tests aren’t quite positive but it seems so late in my cycle if we were gonna do one we figured we’d get it in now. I’ll keep testing and we will probably do another when the tests are positive (assuming I get a positive 🙄). With the last pregnancy, I ovulated on CD18, which is today’s current CD… but the tests had also been so close to positive on CD17 that looking at what I have now looks like a joke. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We are trying to kind of take it easier this time… if possible… a more relaxed approach. I’m taking an ovulation test daily but I haven’t been temping or any of the other million things I read “helped” last time… I remember feeling so overwhelmed trying to keep up with what tea to drink when and when to have pineapple or drink loads of grapefruit juice, etc. So for right now, ovulation tests and upping my water intake (just because). I also want to keep it to 2 insems per cycle, even just 1 if it’s well timed… we were doing 5/cycle by the time we conceived and it was just so much pressure. If this cycle is a flop, which statistically I’m sure it will be, I may start temping again – just to have a paper trail.

Anyway, our most wonderful Fronor (donor-friend) was happy to help again and even as we sort of came at him with our last minute decision to start now he didn’t hesitate for a second and jumped right on board. We love him so much. This insem felt a lot different than the ones we did last time… we were deadset on making each insem special and intimate… and while we have some really sweet memories of making our last baby… I think we are just more realistic this time. We did still try to make it somewhat intimate and my wife is still deadset on doing the actual “placing” of the swimmers (just like last time, she feels that’s her major role in us making the baby together 😘). It felt much more relaxed and we just hung out after and giggled at memes on our phones. I wonder if not putting in the same… passion?… makes it seem we don’t care as much, but then I think if we get pregnant and I remember this path of conception feeling more at ease, that will be a great feeling too.

So that’s where we’re at. We shall see what the next day or so look like in terms of ovulating and then hopefully be headed into our first two week wait for baby #3! Exciting!!



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