Expired Ovulation Tests

It didn’t even cross my mind ya’ll… maybe that suggests I really am on the relax train πŸ˜‚ I’ve been taking a test a day since CD10 since I haven’t the slightest clue what my cycle is up to these days. I just pulled out my, still healthy stack, of wondfo tests from 2015’s conception story was taking place. Idk what made me look after taking a test or two for the last 8 days… but I happened to check the date on them this evening.

Guys… they expired last month. 

I figured, what’s a month? It can’t really “go bad” right? It’s not food…

The top test is a new batch that will expire next year. The bottom test is one that expired last month. They were both dipped in the same cup of wee… 

so as it turns out, if it says expired, it’s expired.

Thankfully, the test that is not expired is not quite positive yet and considering a few other tell tale signs (I.e. Cervical mucus that can’t be ignored), I don’t think we missed it. I’m guessing tmrw will be O day. We are going to do an insem tmrw if so and then call it a day on this cycle. 

Who knew 😜guess I better pay a little closer attention!



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