#3, cycle 2

Life has been nuts. My grandma passed about a month ago, the day of her wake I got home and was greeted by my (late) period. My sister text me to tell me she was pregnant that day as well. I am honestly thrilled for her, it’s her first baby and I’m SO excited to be an aunt… but it was a lot of punches in the heart in one day. I stepped waaaay back and focused so hard on not getting negative. Our first cycle failed & it should have – we went in blind and completely unprepared and just hoped maybe we’d get suuuuper lucky. We didn’t. Move on.

I hung onto the fact that when we started trying for A, my aunt died right at the start of the first cycle… and then everyone and their brother got pregnant over the 9 months that followed, except for me. It was hard… and my grandma dying, followed by my sisters pregnancy announcement, it was a trigger for me. But I’m ok now.

This cycle tho… wow. First of all, I had a WICKED sinus infection the first full week so my temps were a hot mess… and then the day I was sure I was going to ovulate I had an awful stomach bug (but committed to the process and dealt with an insem anyway) which is now really screwing things up for me in terms of confirming ovulation. 🙄. I started using my ovacue monitor as a back up since my temps were screwed. It predicted I’d ovulate CD14, I know in the past it was somehow always a day or two early on it prediction… so I mentally prepared for CD15/16. I also decided to use the clear blue digis that show you high and peak days. Took the first one on CD12 and wouldn’t ya know, it did the blinking high on cd12 & 13 and peaked on cd14! I used my usual wondfos as well and I got two days where the test line was actually darker than the control line – ya’ll I’ve never ever had a test do that… most the time I’m not even sure it’s positive at all, so this was awesome. And now based on those two days (cd14/15) and the ovacue monitor confirming O on CD16… I feel really sure I ovulated… but since it’s all sort of a day off from each other and my temps are a mess… I don’t actually know what day 😬.

We did 3 inseminations – CD12, 14, & 15. So I think we fairly well covered the fertile time… Unless my temps are somehow correct and I ovulated before those blazing positives?

I would say CD15 or CD16 is more likely… but uh… Help?

Always a mystery.



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